The Details

eSTAT30SBD – Oven, Warming Proofing Control with temp display & moisture module

This product is an electronic thermostat, single board, with integrated display. Buyer has a choice between keys or shaft for temp adjust. It has 4‐digit LED and indicator LED’s for cycle. 1 SKU can support multiple temperature ranges via DIP switch. 1K RTD sold separately.

OUTPUT: supplied with either (1) relay or (1) DC output for external contactor/SSR. INPUT POWER: 115VAC; 208~230VAC, 50/60 Hz. Integrated transformer. Price shown with key/button inputs.


Case Study:


Elan recognized an unmet need in the commercial food equipment industry for a versatile thermometer that would satisfy the need for:

  • High accuracy cooking and holding performance at a reasonable cost
  • Flexibility to operate different equipment with the same thermostat
  • Ability to mount controls in different orientations
  • Performance that reflects the unique cooking performance and user experience which defines the OEM’s brand and product line
  • International operation and certification to meet the growing need for manufacturing international distribution


Elan addressed all these issues with the eSTAT30SBD, an accurate, flexible, easy-to-use and versatile product. The eSTAT30SBD is an ideal thermostat for many heated commercial foodservice applications, with a switch-mode power supply (80~264VAC; 50/60Hz) and CB report that insures OEMs can use it for international applications.


Two examples highlight the inherent advantages of Elan’s eSTAT30SBD.

For one commercial foodservice OEM, Elan configured the eSTAT30SBD with buttons and a horizontal configuration. The cost savings, accuracy and reliability of the eSTAT30SBD control has allowed them to extend their ‘Best in Class’ status to their lower cost end product while maintaining the unique look and feel and common user experience across their product catalog. A DIP-switch selects temperature ranges and operating characteristics; a single SKU eSTAT30SBD has replaced multiple previous thermostats.

For a second OEM, Elan configured the eSTAT30SBD with knob input for temperature adjust, vertical orientation and a separate detachable relay output for moisture addition. This was an ideal solution to prevent an ‘optional’ feature from becoming a cost-burden for every control. Multiple temperature ranges are served from the same eSTAT30SBD, selected via DIP-switch, including a very accurate proofing range (90~110F). The OEM has landed new chain accounts based on the performance of their equipment utilizing the eSTAT30SBD.



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