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selectoreSTAT30SB – Cook & Hold, Holding, Griddle, Warmer Drawer Control

The eSTAT30SB replaces mechanical thermostats with a highly accurate, reliable electronic control. The eSTAT30SB retains a knob input. Elan’s selector mounting matches industry standard (2–#8 screws on 1.312 center) or use your own 10K potentiometer. Add a second selector and the eSTAT30SBD can replace cook and hold thermostats.

The eSTAT30SB stores dozens of operating models (tailored for the OEM) accessed via DIP-switch. This aids the OEM in standardizing product offering, replacing multiple inventory items with a single SKU, and reducing time to market for new products. The eSTAT30SB also eliminates a long calibration process during manufacturing which is common to mechanical thermostats.


Case Study:


A commercial food equipment OEM came to Elan requesting a solution for the inaccurate performance of the bulb & capillary (B&C) tube mechanical thermostats on their electric griddle. Also, the griddle was unable to maintain an accurate surface temperature because of the thickness of the griddle plate and the location of the temperature probe. On larger griddles, the most central cooking surface heated differently than the outer griddle surface.


Elan’s eSTAT30SBD provided the answer the OEM needed. First, the eSTAT30SB RTD circuit significantly improved the accuracy over the B&C thermostat. Second, Elan created a variable offset table which was programmed into the thermostat, taking into account the thermal characteristics of the plate. Third, Elan created an offset table for the thermostat any time it was installed in a ‘middle’ location, accessible via DIP-switch on the control.


The eSTAT30SBD has been in production in the OEM’s line for many years and they are thoroughly pleased with the innovation and high performance it has brought to their product line. As the OEM has modified the look and functionality of the griddle, Elan has worked alongside them to redesign the control to suit their needs.



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