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eSTAT30iD – Cook & Hold, Retherm Control with integrated shaft & temp display

A sleek electronic temperature control with display that replaces mechanical thermostats, thermometer & timer, for cook and hold ovens, rethermalization, warmers, and banquet carts. It is an electronic thermostat with integrated shaft and selectordisplay. 1 SKU can support multiple temperature ranges via DIP switch. Add 2nd pot for 2nd temp set-point (Cook & Hold). 1K RTD sold separately.

OUTPUT: (2) relays. INPUT POWER: 115VAC; 208~230VAC, 50/60 Hz. Integrated transformer.


Case Study:


A commercial food equipment OEM wanted to improve temperature performance, reduce field warranty claims, and reduce system cost of existing mechanical temperature control and temperature indicators on Holding Cabinets and Cook & Hold cabinets.


Elan reviewed the customer’s existing design which included (2) bulb & capillary thermostats, (1) bulb & capillary thermometer and a separate mechanical timer on some models. Elan designed the eSTAT30iD control to replace them all, plus provide a host of selectable features for easy-to-use operation, high performance temperature control and dual-voltage input which eliminated the need for a separate costly transformer.


The control has been in production for nearly ten years, and the field warranty claims plummeted as the manufacturing throughput increased. The temperature control performance has improved so significantly, it is now a leading selling point for their product, is featured in their literature and has been awarded the industry ‘Best in Class’ rating for multiple years. The control operates in multiple products, with model-specific performance selected via DIP-switch. The OEM subsequently approached Elan to make a button-version only (no knob) version, which is now the standard offering in their highest volume design.



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