The Details

eSTAT-LC  – Oven, Holding, Warming, Hot Well Control, low cost.eSTAT-LC-2

This simple thermostat has an integrated shaft, with no display. 1 SKU can support multiple temperature ranges via header block.

OUTPUT: (3) pilot duty (1A) relays for gas or external contactor/SSR. INPUT: 80‐264VAC 50/60Hz auto‐detect (integrated switching PS).


Case Study:


Multiple commercial food equipment OEM’s outlined a need for a very inexpensive, no frills, replacement for a bulb and capillary tube (B&C) mechanical thermostat, with integral knob. They wanted it to outperform the existing thermometers in reliability, since they often did not make it through the warranty period.


Elan designed the eSTAT-LC as a low-cost effective replacement for mechanical thermostats.


Today, many commercial OEMs rely on the eSTAT-LC for their most basic temperature control applications. While the B&C thermostat is more expensive than the mechanical ones, the OEMs have experienced a reduction in the reduced number of annual warranty claims because the product is so much more reliable.

About The Project