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Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.11.46 PMeSTAT10i – Gas Oven Control with integrated shaft

This simple but practical thermostat has an integrated shaft, and no display. 1 SKU can support multiple temperature ranges via headed block.

OUTPUT: (3) pilot duty (1A) relays for gas or external contactor/SSR. INPUT: 80‐264VAC 50/60Hz auto‐detect (integrated switching PS)


Case Study:


Residential and commercial applications were in general need of mechanical bulb and capillary tube (B&C) thermostats with greater functionality. The existing ones on the market were inaccurate (particularly at the limits of their operation), and despite the required, tedious and extended calibration routine, they would still drift over time and were prone to failure and other shortcomings.


Elan developed an electronic equivalent with metal shaft and electronic internals that fits into the same footprint as a B&C thermostat and uses a highly accurate RTD temperature probe input. The control requires no calibration on the manufacturing line.


Multiple luxury appliance OEM’s have replaced their lesser B&C thermostats with Elan’s eSTAT10i, which also provides additional operating features for faster preheating, variable temperature offsets, etc. To the end customer the look is the same, but the performance is far superior and suitable for the high-performance demanded by these OEMs and their customers. Also, a single SKU eSTAT10i thermostat can serve small and large cavity ovens and griddles. OEMs simply attach a different header block on the manufacturing line to access the different operating programThis provides manufacturing flexibility and eliminate the previous inventory burden of carrying multiple B&C thermostats to support different products. The eSTAT10i can be found in thousands of luxury ranges in the U.S. and worldwide.



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