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Dishwasher Control -2

Dishwasher Control with Multiple User Interfaces

This carefully developed electronic dishwasher control has a door mounted control panel for high end residential appliance OEM.


Case Study:


A residential appliance OEM had issues with their dishwasher control; a host of noise issues had delayed plant start up and product launch and created field service issues. Elan was asked to resolve the issue.


Elan initially reviewed the existing design to make suggestions but ultimately the OEM asked Elan to re-design the control.


Elan completed the control and the user interface adding more features, better control, reliable operation, data logging for event monitoring, etc. The customer wanted to develop Energy Star operating tables; Elan created an easy utility to upload Excel tables direct to the control (Energy Star rating was granted). The customer introduced a de-featured line; the control was updated to operate both lines with the same SKU. The test procedure on the previous control was non-comprehensive and took nearly an hour; Elan’s control can test every operation in a matter of minutes. The unit has been in the field for over (2) years with no field warrant issues.



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