ElanConnectTM brings IoT to your equipment

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey IoT solution or select components, ElanConnectTM is a flexible, thoughtful OEM IoT solution. Security, apps, flexibility, world-class Amazon AWS Cloud backbone are all part of ElanConnectTM. ElanConnectTM can be deployed with as few as 50 remote sites; ideal for OEM’s who want to start their IoT journey small and grow. ElanConnectTM can scale to 1mil+ remote sites. And as the OEM’s IoT offering evolves, ElanConnectTM evolves to suit with Elan’s in house hardware, software and app capability.

  • Deploy on small or large scale to suit your needs (50pc min)
  • Customizable dashboard for each OEM equipment type.
  • Scalable
  • Remote performance monitoring for field test equipment
  • Service aids – remote or on site diagnostics, commission equipment
  • Turnkey solution: local hardware, Android or IoS apps, Cloud service, dashboards. Or any one or more of these.
  • Hardware solution beyond “off the shelf” capability; flexibility, remote programming, portability.


ElanConnectTM components Include:

  • Hardware module to connect equipment to cloud & local devices
  • Powerful 32-bit micro; 2MB flash memory;
    • on board memory is critical to support OTA and other features reliably in a dynamic communication environment
  • Allows Over-The-Air (OTA) remote programming (push out new firmware, new menus, etc.)
  • Injection molded housing with (3) mounting options: screws, tape or tool-free snap in mounting.
  • Non-proprietary. Can communicate with Elan controls or other supplier’s controls via serial TTL link
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE); WiFi (Broadcomm radio as supplied)
  • Integral or external antenna options
  • Provisioning app to simplify initial connection of device to Cloud included
  • Additional app development by Elan as requested, including
    • User apps; graphical user interface for end users, equipment operators
    • Service apps: simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Installer apps: Fully test and commission new equipment with confirmation to OEM
  • Customer supplied Cloud can be supported… Contact Elan.
  • Amazon AWS backbone
  • Customer supplied Cloud can be supported….contact Elan.
  • User-Configurable graphical dashboard interface
  • Data analytics, i.e. predictive analysis of equipment failure
  • Automated reminders for consumables, preventative maintenance
  • Definable alarms (high temp, service interruption, etc.)
    • Text message
    • Email
  • Multiple means of Data reporting:
    • On State change (door open/shut; hi-limit on/off, etc.)
    • Continuous Data (temperature, cycle time, etc., i.e. commonly variable parameters)


What does it do?

ElanConnectTM allows you to bring connectivity to your equipment through WiFi and Bluetooth. Whether via local applications on smart phones for user or service applications, or ‘anywhere connectivity’ over the internet to remotely monitor performance and automatically receive alarms for service issues.

How do I mount it to my equipment and power it?

The ElanConnectTM network interface (NIC) is a small 2×2” package with flexible 3 option mounting;   screws, double sided tape or clip in tool free mounting options.   The NIC has flexible powering options. With Elan equipment it is powered directly off the RS485 interface line. With other equipment it will accept a serial TTL interface and 5-24VDC.   There are 2 antenna options, an onboard antenna or an external antenna for difficult mounting configurations.

How does it connect to the Cloud?

ElanConnectTM connects to the internet and Cloud through a local WiFi hotspot. Elan provides a provisioning app for both Android and iOS that simplifies configuring the equipment to the Cloud.

Am I forever locked to the Elan cloud or can I use my own cloud source?

ElanConnectTM is flexible. You can utilize our cloud services or we will help you with porting to any cloud of your choosing. ElanConnectTM supports HTTP(S) and MTTQ internet protocols.

Has Elan ever experienced a security breach? What was/would be your response to such a breach?

Elan has not experienced a security breach with ElanConnectTM.  If we ever were to experience a breach our reaction would be to push out a patch immediately.  We are able to do this as our IoT solution supports over the air programming (OTA).  This is one feature of our NIC interface that differentiates us from many off the shelf simple Wifi radios.  Our NIC hardware has 2MB of Flash memory onboard along with a highly capable 32 bit processor to stage software updates,  feature adds,  patches,  menu screen updates etc.   The memory enables us to send the software over the air and stage it on the NIC safely, and then handle programming locally between the NIC and Machine Control or User Interface to ensure we don’t ‘brick’ a control if there were issues in the internet connection during programming.

Is it secure?

ElanConnectTM supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 PSK wireless security modes. Full TLS encrypted messaging and a unique pin code for each device that fully secures the device and connection at provisioning time. The Bluetooth link is also secure.

What am I paying for with the initial set-up charge?

There is some unique software that must be created for each equipment type to identify the device, parameters available, connection definitions and a configuration file for the IoT dashboard so it correctly parses and displays the information it receives. Elan will also support dashboard creation, create training information for your customer service department so they can answer any questions that arise and support any ongoing questions that are beyond the scope of your customer service reps.

Isn’t internet connectivity ‘off the shelf’ nowadays?

Basic connectivity does not provide the level of security, features and support that ElanConnectTM provides.   The NIC has a powerful 32bit processor and 2MB of Flash memory on board which enables staging of firmware updates for remote over the air programming to ensure secure flashing of firmware, menu updates for touch screen user interfaces and updating of the NIC firmware itself to ensure equipment in the field stays secure and up to date long after it has been deployed.

Can Elan develop local smart phone apps?

Yes, Elan can develop smart phone apps for both Android and iOS. These apps can provide a convenient graphical user interface to the equipment or a helpful service app to aid in diagnostics and issue resolution for service/repair personnel.

Were you affected by the recent Mirai Botnet attack that utilized IoT devices such as these?

We were not affected by the Mirai botnet attack.  That attack was due to 2 situations.  1. A vulnerability in Open Source OS software.  Elan does not use open source OS software, such as Linux.  2. The deployed webcams that were targeted did not support system updates.  Over time hackers will find vulnerabilities, particularly in software that is open and published software and that is not regularly updated and improved.  Without the ability to be updated, ever, those webcams were ticking time bombs waiting for someone to find a way in and exploit a weakness.