22 Aug 2017

(BOLINGBROOK, Ill)—Aug. 22, 2017—Elan Industries, Inc., a Bolingbrook, Ill-based electronic controls design, engineering and manufacturing firm, is pleased to welcome Ken LaPointe to the company in the newly created position of planning/procurement lead.

“We are very excited to have Ken in this new position, which we created in response to our steady growth,” said Todd Thomas, partner at Elan Industries. During the interview, Ken exceeded our expectations, and we are confident his alignment to our values and team culture will continue to help us advance our business objectives.”

LaPointe has more than 25 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within planning and purchasing, as well as extensive global experience in the electronics and appliance controls industry. In his new role, LaPointe will be responsible for the overall leadership of Elan’s production planning and component purchasing areas and processes.

Prior to joining Elan, LaPointe was director of planning and purchasing at CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. in Glendale Heights, Ill. Prior to that, he was with TouchSensor Technologies, Inc. in Wheaton, Ill as purchasing director for nearly 10 years. During his career, LaPointe has successfully implemented strategies improving customer on-time delivery to over 99 percent, even through periods of sustained dramatic, annual sales growth of 20 percent or more.

LaPointe received a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Northern Illinois University and a Certificate of Production and Inventory Control from DePaul University.

Elan Industries is a dynamic, growing, ISO 9001:2015-certified company that has been developing custom controls for best-in-class appliance OEMs since 1999. Last year, the company moved from their 10,000 square foot space, to their current 34,000 sq. ft. facility located at 650 S. Schmidt Road in Bolingbrook. The larger space allows for additional staff and has doubled the engineering, testing lab, and manufacturing areas.

“Elan works with OEMs to customize and design sleek, attractive looking platform controls to regulate temperature, speed, and other parameters on customer appliances like pizza ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ice makers. Our engineering solutions provide end users with advanced functionality like IoT and access to their controls, both on and offsite,” Thomas said.

Elan’s customer base is comprised of best-in-class OEM manufacturers who consider Elan a key strategic partner. Elan currently has more than 100 custom electronic controls in production, ranging from the simplest temperature control to highly complex multi-function platform controls. Elan controls can be found on residential and commercial appliances worldwide.

15 Aug 2017

Last fall, Elan embarked on a journey to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

What is EOS? In simplest terms, it’s a proactive operating plan to support ongoing success that takes into account our short and long-term goals, with an analysis of our keys to success.

Why EOS? In 1999, Elan Industries began providing custom controls from scratch to commercial foodservice, premium residential appliance and industrial clients. We now count among our customers some of the most respected OEMs in these markets. These firms utilize Elan controls to present unique looks, phenomenal performance and the utmost quality in their equipment. Along the way, Elan implemented ISO, APQP design, 5S and other best practices. These programs improved our products, quality, internal processes, design methodology, etc. and showed our commitment to doing things the right way.

EOS applies the same focus to how our business operates! As a business owner, it is easy to believe that dramatic growth like ours (growth of more than 50 percent in one year!), validates a sound business methodology, and to an extent, this is true. But as growth brings growing pains, we looked to the firms we work with and admire and realized a proactive operating plan like EOS would be critical to support ongoing success.

  • Within Elan, we needed to identify the ‘special sauce’ that got us here, so it will remain a key component as Elan grows.
  • Externally, our customers expect the Elan ‘special sauce’ but they also consider supply chain risk. As a supplier, it is simply good business to be….a good business!

What’s Different at Elan with EOS?

Since we began our EOS journey, we now have a senior management team with 100+ years combined experience managing and developing technically based firms, including two owners who are 100 percent engaged in the day-to-day business.

Our five core values have been identified, documented and moved throughout Elan, starting with our number one core value, Customer Focus. In fact, our core values are now a key basis in hiring talent. We target and monitor meaningful metrics throughout our organization in engineering, production, quality, accounting, etc.

What does EOS mean for our customers?

EOS drives ‘how we do what we do’, helping Elan to grow while continuing to deliver the world class controls, support and experience our customers have come to expect.

If you would like to discuss this further, please reach out to me at tthomas@elanindustries.com or 630-679-2000 ext 2022. Thanks!

03 Mar 2017

On January 6th, we received the exciting news that Elan Industries is now officially certified under ISO 9001:2015. This advancement from our previous certification in ISO 9001:2008 demonstrates how we continually work on improvements in our processes to assure quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

So what does having ISO really mean for Elan and our customers?

ISO Certification Means Continuous Improvement

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The Greeks would say that it comes from the root of a Greek word isos that has a meaning of equal or identical (repeatable in process). ISO represents process control that allows us to assure compliance to requirements, align operational needs, manage risk and provide for continuous improvement.

ISO Certification Means internal Uniformity

ISO helps our company bring our key business processes to light and represent them in a way that is understood clearly by everyone in the company. Our quality management system gives us a way to accurately describe the processes that make up our business operating system and demonstrate their relationship and interaction with one another. The commitment is to demonstrate that our business operating system is effective and exceeding our customer expectations and meeting our internal business objectives.

ISO Certification Means Higher Quality Products with Repeatability

It means that our innovative, customer-focused products are designed and manufactured using the Elan processes that create the highest quality results with efficiency and repeatability. It also provides that inside Elan and with our customers, we are working as a productive team towards a unified goal, with intelligent quality management systems in place to deliver the best products into our markets.

ISO Certification Means Commitment and Teamwork

Our journey to certification began internally last March, when we evaluated our existing processes to align them with the new requirements. Since our documentation and processes were already well established with ISO 9001:2008, we only had to make minor changes to our quality management system. In this journey, we took the time to reassess our key business processes and allowed for team discussions that really focused on continuous improvement.

One of the most important improvements that we accomplished in 2016 was to conduct training with six of our key staff members to become certified internal ISO auditors. This provides Elan with key resources to audit our departments and processes throughout the year and create a constant improvement culture using our own people. The training included interpretation and application of: ISO 9001:2015, quality management systems requirements and ISO 19011:2011, Guidelines for auditing quality systems.

Our final audit was conducted in December of 2016 by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. They notified us last month of our achievement to the new standard!

Thanks to all of you who motivate us to continuous improvement every day. We are proud to serve you as an ISO 9001:2015 company!

03 Mar 2017

BOLINGBROOK, Ill) Feb. 2017—Elan Industries, a manufacturer of electronic controls for some of the best known brands of residential and commercial appliances, announces that they have been certified under ISO 9001:2015 as of Jan. 6, 2017. The company previously earned certification under ISO 9001:2008 in 2003 and has been audited and registered annually by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. since 2013.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind and focuses on quality management systems and performance. It assists companies in developing a management system that aligns quality with their wider business strategy. There is a focus on risk-based thinking and accountability in all organizational processes that helps improve communications, efficiency, and implementation of continuous improvement.

“We are excited to earn certification to ISO 9001:2015 and feel it provides additional assurance to our customers that we are focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,” said Elan Chief Operating Officer John Tomaras. “Our move from ISO 9001:2008 to the updated standard demonstrates our desire to always perform at the highest levels of quality and efficiency. It’s essential to delivering innovative, high quality and customer-focused electronic solutions to our customers.”

For any company, the road to certification requires time and commitment. Elan began their internal preparation for certification in March of 2016, by evaluating their existing procedures and aligning them with the new requirements. Since their documentation and procedures were already well established and compliant with ISO 9001:2008, they only needed to make minor changes to their quality manual and overall processes and procedures to meet the new standards.

In advance of their required internal audit, Elan sent six of their key staff members through auditor training to become certified internal auditors. This allowed the company to simultaneously complete internal audits in each department throughout the year and prior to the annual recertification audit.

In December of 2016, Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. performed the mandatory recertification audit. They then notified Elan of their achievement of the ISO 9001:2015 standard on Jan. 6, 2017.

Elan controls appear on appliances worldwide, ranging from the simplest temperature control to highly complex, multi-function platform controls. The company’s corporate headquarters, design center, and manufacturing facility is located in Bolingbrook, IL.

08 Dec 2016

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards honors several companies for their outstanding examples of ethical business practices. Attending the Dec. 1 event were from left to right: BBB Chairman of the Board of Directors Carlos Minetti; 2017 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics Recipient Todd Thomas, President and Partner, Elan Industries; ABC 7 News Anchor Hosea Sanders; Featured speaker Melissa Stockwell, 2016 Rio Paralympics bronze medalist in triathlon and U.S. Army War Veteran; and BBB President and CEO Steve J. Bernas.

Read the Press Release…


Elan Industries Wins BBB Torch Award

(BOLINGBROOK, IL)—Dec 8 2016—Elan Industries, a Bolingbrook, IL-based electronic appliance controls design, engineering and manufacturing firm, is pleased to announce that they have been selected as a recipient of the 2017 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in the category of 10 to 99 employees. This is the 20th year that the BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois has honored companies for their outstanding example of ethical business practices.

Elan formally received its award at the luncheon ceremony held on Thurs., Dec. 1 at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare in Chicago. Only 6 firms were selected for 2017 Torch Awards, with other recipients including ABT Electronics and CDW. Past Torch Award winners include Sears, Boeing and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“We are so honored to receive this award,” said Todd Thomas, partner at Elan Industries. “Because our work is so collaborative, trust between our firm and the client is essential to what we do and we share this award with our clients in spirit. Our business ethics are a source of pride at our firm, but it is humbling to be recognized publicly for doing business as we always have.”

Elan works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on customized electronic controls that regulate temperature, speed and other parameters on residential and commercial appliances, like pizza ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and ice makers. The company launched in 1999 and has since built a reputation for offering innovative solutions in electronic controls such as capacitive touch and their wireless connectivity program, ElanConnect™. Through ElanConnect™, the company designs electronic controls that function with wireless connectivity using WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet to connect appliances to end users and service groups remotely and locally, with smartphone apps, desktop dashboards and analytics.

To receive the Torch Award, the BBB evaluated Elan in four major criteria:

  • Management Practices, including training programs, positive employee relations and benefits and prevention of workplace injury and environmental harm
  • Customer/Vendor/Supplier/Shareholder Relations, covering quality measures, payment and credit reports, and feedback from customers, vendors and/or suppliers
  • Marketing/Advertising/Communications Sales Practices, including evidence of ethical promotional efforts and codes of ethics used by sales personnel
  • Reputation with Industry and Community, including recognition and compliments from others in the community and industry and work with charitable organizations

Last year, the company moved from their 10,000 square foot space just miles away, to their current, 34,000 sq. ft. location at 650 S. Schmidt Road in Bolingbrook, IL. The larger office space allows for more staff and also doubled their engineering and testing lab as well as their manufacturing area where they design, test and produce their custom-designed electronic controls. Elan currently has hundreds of custom electronic controls in production, ranging from the simplest temperature control to highly complex multi-function platform controls. Elan controls can be found on appliances worldwide.